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New release date and work-in-progress showcase.

Hello everyone,

Today we are going to share with you some work-in-progress we have been doing recently.

We have a new Early Access release date and that is set to August 2020.

As we mentioned before, we delayed the original release because we wanted to make the game even better than what was originally planned. We are going to add much more interesting features and more content to make it truly great. So we have re-designed many parts of the game, and our team was expanding to fulfill the scale of the game. We need time for the new members to adapt to the project.

The reason why we decided to go Early Access is that we want to keep developing the game while you can already play it and give us feedback. We believe there will be many valuable suggestions that the community can come up with. But don't worry, the Early Access version is going to be fully playable with all the essential features and contents.

Now, we have settled many fundamental issues and the progress of production is getting faster. We will have more and more things to show.

Improved character rendering. This is something we are constantly working on. It is very important for the Valkyries to look gorgeous. However, it is not a simple task because the skin shader looks very different under various lighting situations and we need to tweak it to make the valkyries "beautiful" in all kinds of environment.

Rewriting the combat system. We have added many more details to the combat. For example, staggering, blocking with weapons and shields, dodging and falling down. We are also working on large size enemies such as trolls. We will record a video to demonstrate the new system when it is ready.

Crafting System It is a new system that we recently decided to add. The crafting system allows you to craft mainly weapons and outfits. Although you can get low-level items from shops and loot, you need to use the raw materials gathered during your journey to create mid-high level items. Some very rare items may need extensive exploration in order to gather the materials needed for creating it.

Creation Of The World We have the final map design done and we have a 36 square kilometers open-world map. And we have been creating landscapes, caves, villages, and camps.

We will reveal more details of the development in future updates. So follow us on social media or just stay around to don't miss it.

See you soon! ;)

Much love💜, L2 Game Studios Discuss it on Forum

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