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As Ragnarok Ravaging the Earth, A Valkyrie Hears the Calling

Hi everyone! Here is an early glance of the content we are working on.

Background Story:

Asgard is at war. By accident or by fate, a Valkyrie falls to Earth from the sky. She desperately wants to return to her battle. But she finds out the mortal humankind is suffering no less than the Asgardians, as countless ravaging abominations from the outer world has infiltrated the Earth. Witnessing rivers of blood and human’s despair, the Valkyrie knows there is some other important duties await before she returns to the sky. Dramatic journey is ahead of our Earth’s savior...

Open World of A Fallen Valkyrie

-Explore the vast open world as a mighty Valkyrie

-All NPCs live here in their own ways.

-Mysterious and dangerous underground cities, remains and caves for your adventure

-Rebels, beasts, Goblins, and many other monsters ready to tear you apart

-Take on giant wild bosses to secure human territories

-Abundant exploitable resources from plants and minerals in this rich land.

Capture Strongholds

-The human strongholds, villages and camps are under invasion. It is the Valkyrie’s duty to secure them

Homeland System

-From longhouse to castle, gradually upgrade your home

-Furnish your home just the way you like. Our customization system gets you covered

Satisfying Yet Challenging Combat

-Utilize every bit of your combat skills to slay ruthless monsters. Blood will splash, limbs will fly. Just always be careful, because you don’t want to see your own calf bone chewed off

-Select wisely among blades, bows and arrows, and spell skills to handle different situations

Horse Riding

-Ride a warhorse for fast travel.

Outfit and Appearance Customization

-Customize details of Valkyrie’s face, body, skin color, makeup and hairstyle, just the way you like it

-Outfits in different styles for your fashion and charm

In the future we will work on:

-Bigger, more spectacular open world

-Expanding the range of maps for exploring, including caves and underground cities

-Increasing the total categories and quantity of monsters

-Introducing a prestige system. Giving people your helping hands will receive discount on purchase. They may even build a statue for you

-Flying mounts. Ride them and soar the sky


-Select companions to fight by your side

-Customize their equipment, clothes and makeups

-Design tactics for them to maximize your odds of victory

Improving Combat and Execution System

-More weapons and skills

-Beat your enemies to the ground and finish them off with the most cruel approaches

-Aim at the weak points for critical damage

-Ignite, freeze or electrify at your free will, no need to keep the bodies intact

More Complex Homeland System

-Play super fun mini-games, such as the knife game, arcade games, fishing, and target shooting.

-Interact with your companions, take a shower, or singing together around the fireplace

-Visit other players’ homes, or welcome them to your place

Alright, here you have it. We will keep you updated on the development of “Beauty and Violence: Valkyries,” which is scheduled to be released in August, 2020. Please like, share and leave a comment on how you feel about the game so far. Thank you very much, and stay tuned!

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