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Full open-world experience

As we said in the previous announcement that we will spend more time to bring the game to a higher level and here is what we have been doing so far.

We have turned the game to a full open-world experience! We have scaled the map to 3*3 kilometers and turned it to a beautiful Nordic mountain area filled with grasslands, snow mountains, lakes, groves and so on. 

You will explore settlements, strongholds, caves, and dungeons. You can hunt wild animals and monsters and pick up herbs for making potions. You can explore on foot or through transportation(TBD) and there will be no loading screen during your expedition except for entering interior levels. 

The goal of the game remains the same, that is to lead a band of Valkyries and defeat the underworld monsters who occupied most of the land. You will have to protect your base of operation-the longhouse and villages from the evil army's attack, destroy their camps and finally launch an assault on their last stronghold. 

The final game will provide a sandbox open-world experience that not only requires sharp skills in combat, but also great strategic planning.

We also spent a lot of time to overhaul the graphics. We have added atmospheric scattering and greatly improved terrain details.

We will release a short video showcasing the WIP map soon so subscribe our Youtube channel to don't miss it!

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