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Overhaul In Progress

Hi everyone,

Today we are going to show you what we have been working on Beauty and Violence: Valkyries and also talk about our future development plans.

First, we took quite some time to re-design the combat system. We have added staggering, blocking (with shield and melee), much stronger hit reaction and possibility to lose balance.

We also re-designed the core game mechanics. In our original plan, players can only explore dungeons and the gameplay is centered on clearing dungeons only. But now we have taken one step forward by adding an entire 36 square kilometers of surface for the player to explore and fight. So now you will not only decent into dungeons and caves, but also experience the magnificent Norse mythology-inspired overworld, free the civilians from the monsters of Ragnarok and restore peace on earth. Also, the overworld contributes to the main storyline, which leads the young fallen Valkyrie to regain her divine power.

Talking about the beauty part, our artists have been working a lot on much more detailed skin shader, better body physics, animation, emotion and hair rendering. During your journey, you can find many intimating interactions such as bathing in a water pond or taking a massage on the couch. As we believe that the beautiful and powerful Valkyrie fighters, wearing shiny armors and combating evil monsters are a very sensual thing.

For the next three months, we will aim to complete the combat system, the core gameplay, and a playable alpha which will include most of the intended features.

Re-made female character and skin shader. It is still work in progress but we managed to reduce the overall polycount by 70% percent and added much more micro details on the face.

There are many intimating interactions in the longhouse and outside. Such as taking a bath and sitting in a pond.

Longhouse. Players can unlock different longhouses.

Concept art for a creature.

Overworld map design.

Current map work in progress.

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